This week, Sara Kempner kicked things off, showing us different ways how to turn images into greeting cards. Then, Lauri Novak gave us some great gift ideas, perfect for any photographer this holiday season.

Nate Torres explained the difference between AF-S and AF-C, while Joy Celine Asto highlighted a food/portrait mash-up featuring donuts. Finally, Jemma Pollari walked us through some creative edits to family photos in the upcoming Luminar AI software.

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Three reasons to turn your images into greeting cards - I’ll admit, the first time I looked into printing greeting cards with my landscape images, I ended up giving up on the idea. The profit margins seemed too low for the amount of work and materials required to create a quality product. Why would I want to put time into sourcing a supplier, creating proofs […]
2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Photography essentials - How many of you are asked what you want for gifts, but know that if you tell family and friends camera gear or photography-related items that they may or may not get you the right thing? Photography is very personal. We all have our favorite brands, our standard go-to items and what works for one […]
Photography 101: The difference between AF-S and AF-C - Let’s be honest and admit that many communities love using abbreviations that often make beginners confused. Today’s article is about AF-S and AF-C, the importance of focus in photography and other autofocus modes. A brief introduction to focus Almost every camera you come across will have an autofocus system, which is often a bit hard to […]
Food photography and portraits mashup in “Donut Doubles” - I absolutely love it when two different genres or creative disciplines come together to create something unique and interesting. I find it to be one of the best ways to get out of a creative slump and test out random ideas. Say, mixing up food photography and portraiture? You’ll be surprised at how fun it can […]
Applying creative edits to family photos in LuminarAI - Once you have applied corrections in LuminarAI for teeth and eye whitening, there’s a lot more that you can do to enhance your photos with this smart software. Replacing the sky in a photo with LuminarAI I whipped out this group portrait of my family (yay tripod) to explore the creative tools built into LuminarAI. […]