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Bird’s eye view: Seeing the world through aerial photography
Webinar: Get certified to be a drone pilot, with Luisa Winters
That time my dream client quickly became my worst nightmare
Light painting with your drone
Learning the basics helps you take better photographs with your drone
360 degrees of flexibility and a new perspective: Taking photographs with a drone
Drone aerials single exposure HDR with Aurora 2019, part 2
Drone aerials single exposure HDR with Aurora 2019, part 1
Becoming a Better Drone Photographer: Setting up your DJI Drone Camera in Manual Mode
Becoming a Better Drone Photographer: Setting up your DJI Drone Camera in Aperture Priority Mode
Becoming a Better Drone Photographer: How to setup your DJI Drone Camera in Full Auto Mode
Your First Phantom Drone: Part 3 – Settings and beginner drone photography

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Light painting with your drone

You may remember the fun I had when taking my Lume Cubes out with Jamie MacDonald, and seeing if we could use them with his drone to paint halos over a barn. While the experiment was mildly successful, Lume Cube

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Shooting Panoramic Images from a Drone

Image credit – Jag_cz on Adobe Stock. These two videos are from my new class over at LinkedIn Learning… I’ll share with you in a six-part article the entire part of the course about aerial panoramic images.  You can see

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10 Tips for New Drone Flyers

Drones are really a lot of fun once you safely learn to fly them. Here are a few important tips to help you get up and flying. I didn’t list them in any particular order, so be sure to read through all of them before you get started.

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Julie Powell_Berries

Working with frozen berries

When it comes to working with food photography, there is a real trend with frozen berries. And why not? They look amazing — there is something special when they achieve that ‘frosty’ look. What fruit can you use? Pretty much

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Trials while traveling

It happens to the best of us. You’re out and about, possibly even a long way from home and suddenly the unthinkable happens. Absolute heartbreak. The trials while traveling … Let me tell you about my woes. I had spent

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Why Use Vintage Lenses - youtube

Why should you use vintage lenses today?

We’ve talked about using vintage lenses on digital cameras a number of times. You might also have heard some of your fellow photographers try it out a few times. But if you’re yet to try it yourself, you may still

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