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Maximize every photoshoot with these four shots
Photographing the beautiful Perseids meteor shower, made easy
Five easy steps to better Milky Way images with the Pentax K-1 Astrotracer
Color coordinate your photoshoot with ColorReader EZ
How to use long exposure for stunning action photos
Solving night photography problems: Six ways of reducing noise
Light painting 101: Illuminating a piano in a creepy abandoned mental hospital
Get started calibrating your monitor with the SpyderX
Use a polarizer for purer portraits and less retouching
How to photograph a silhouette
Focus on your subject by using layers
Three tips to create more bokeh in your photos

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How to photograph a silhouette

A silhouette can make a beautiful photograph. They are a true minimalistic image, and can even evoke a feeling of mystery or suspense. And the good thing is that they are relatively simple to create! The basics of creating a

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Focus on your subject by using layers

There are many ways that we, as photographers, bring focus to the subjects of our photos. We use light and shadow, composition and focal points. One of my favorite ways of bringing focus to my subjects that isn’t one of

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firework today--4_heidi_mixob_2560p

Create one-of-a-kind flower firework photos

When you are looking to create something different when capturing fireworks, try your hand at making firework flower images. My friend Heidi Mixon shared this primer on getting started in this creative capture method. I haven’t had a chance to

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Todd Higgins: Landscape photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Todd Higgins. Todd is a landscape photographer based in Duluth, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife, two dogs and a cat. He spends a good part of each year traveling the

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Adobe announces 2021 Rising Stars of photography

This morning, Adobe announced the 2021 class of its Rising Stars of photography. Exploring themes ranging from conservation to cultural expression to racial identity and natural phenomena, these photographers are playing an important role in documenting a pivotal moment in

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Using Lightroom Classic to select lenses for travel

Whenever I do any type of travel, whether it’s domestic or overseas, I always joke that it’s difficult for photographers to not look like traveling hoarders. After all, along with the standard luggage (for me, that’s one normal-sized suitcase and

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3-2-1 Backup for photographers

It’s hard to put a price tag on years of memories you captured in photos or the hours of video you took that still brings a smile to your face. Ask yourself, what are my photos worth? If you’re a

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