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Photofocus Road Trip: A beautiful national park in Los Angeles’ backyard
My go-to lenses for gorgeous still life
Light painting 101: How to photograph a historic Route 66 Whiting Bros Motel sign
Pivoting in the desert: Making the best of the opportunity, part two
Five underrated cameras that deserve more attention
Five stunning telephoto zooms to use for landscapes this fall
Appreciating what’s around me, by capturing the Milky Way at Back O’ Beyond
Three effective two-light setups that work for any portrait photoshoot
Pivoting in the desert: Making the best of the opportunity, part one
Exploring different ways to photograph architecture
How to create fabulous creative portraits on a budget
Are you making these photographic mistakes?

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Are you making these photographic mistakes?

When you are a beginner, whether it’s photography or something else, it is often easy to get overwhelmed. There are some common mistakes people make. Are you making these photographic mistakes? Let’s look at a few and how to fix

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details in photography

Seeing details in the bigger picture

Details are an important and often left out part of telling stories with our photography. I went to a fan event a couple of years ago at Guaranteed Rate Field (still Comiskey Park to me), home of the Chicago White

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My go-to lenses for gorgeous still life

It doesn’t matter what genre you shoot, someone always asks what gear you use. While I do believe that it’s the craft that is important, I do have a few favorite go-to lenses I always pull out of my bag.

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Featured-How Luminar interacts

Skylum addresses migrating catalogs to Luminar Neo

This morning, Skylum issued a statement that addresses the migration of the catalog from previous Luminar versions to Luminar Neo. As the company has stated in the past, migration will not be available upon launch. However, the team is working

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WATERLINE: A hurricane story

I have been driving around for about an hour. Finally, I stop my vehicle, pick up the camera on the seat next to me, and get out. No need to pull to the side of the road. The streets of

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2021 NAB Show Cancelled

The October 2021 NAB Show is canceled

The National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show was rescheduled to happen the week of October 9-13, 2021. Due to the resurgence of the Covid-19 Delta strain, the show has been canceled altogether. NAB spokesman, Chris Brown wrote in a September

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