The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week we learned about the rule of thirds, how to use the whites and blacks sliders in Lightroom, lens choices, shutter speed and attracting clients.

Composition: The rule of thirds - When it comes to photographic composition, one of the most well-known “rules” is known as the “rule of thirds.” Many photographers dismiss the rule of thirds as being overly simplistic and not always applicable in the real world of photography. However, if we consider the underlying principles behind the rule of thirds, I think you […]
Why are there so many lens choices? - Why are there so many lens choices for your camera? The simple answer is that every photographer sees the world differently requiring the use of different focal length lenses. Different photographers, different lens choice For example, landscape photographers typically use wide-angle lenses, in the 10mm to 24mm range. This allows the photographer to create expansive […]
Understanding exposure: The shutter speed setting - Exposure is the process of choosing the correct settings on your camera to produce a picture that “looks right;” not too bright, not too dark, and sharp where it should be. In this series, you will learn what each setting means, how they affect the way your images look, and how they work together to […]
How to attract and keep more clients - Being a photographer obviously implies taking pictures. But being a photographer also requires many other skills in order to be successful. Some of those skills are not about photography. They make a huge difference between a struggling business and a thriving one. Here are the ones I use to grow my photographic business. Surprising facts that are NOT […]
What a difference adjusting the Whites and Blacks sliders in Lightroom makes! How to use the whites & black sliders in Lightroom - Right there in the middle of the Basic panel are two mysterious controls bearing the names “Whites” and “Blacks.” What do they do? More to the point, how are they used? First, let’s explore clipping. What is clipping? Simply, clipping is the area of a photo that is pure white or pure black. Not everything […]