The Weekly Wrap-up features articles from this week on Photofocus. Scott Lawrence explores the Nikon Z6 for headshots, guest writer Julie Powell talks about the art of still life, Kevin Ames reviews the Asus 32″ HDR monitor, Bob Coates show us his “musicians hall of fame” in a restaurant he works with and Michèle Grenier starts her mirrorless camera dating. Enjoy!

The Nikon Z6 for headshot photography - The mirrorless bug finally bit me. As a long time Nikon shooter, I was patiently waiting for the Z series. With a D4S and D850, I was interested to see how the Nikon Z6 could fit into my professional (and personal) workflow. As a corporate headshot photographer, I’m typically on location, in a conference room […]
Asus PA32UC HDR monitor In-depth review: Asus ProArt PA32UC HDR 32″ monitor - Monitors have been a very important part of my photographic career for more than a quarter of a century. At the beginning of digital editing, monitors were CRTs with picture tubes. There was no color calibration. Color management was a roll of the dice at best. They ranged in price from $1,500 for a SuperMac […]
band photo Monetizing personal projects: The restaurant, part two - This is my sixth year working with an entertainment restaurant. The original relationship was due to a personal project I created and shared with them. A quick recap for those pressed for time will find I photographed a restaurant to learn and practice new photography techniques. I gave the restaurant a framed print. For the […]
Looking at the art behind still life photography - (Editor’s note: This guest article is by Julie Powell who lives in Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia. She is an award-winning still life photographer who loves to share her passion for this genre with others. She also loves helping other photographers learn this part of the craft. See more of her work on her website. Enjoy!) […]
Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? First hands-on with the Sony a9 and the Olympus OM-D E-M1X - This article follows “Are you considering switching your DSLR to mirrorless? I am.” I just got two mirrorless bodies a couple of days ago. One from Sony and the other from Olympus. It’s my first true mirrorless experience — I’ve been a Nikon user since the day I started doing photography. All the equipment that […]

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