Once you have applied corrections in LuminarAI for teeth and eye whitening, there’s a lot more that you can do to enhance your photos with this smart software.

Replacing the sky in a photo with LuminarAI

I whipped out this group portrait of my family (yay tripod) to explore the creative tools built into LuminarAI. The Sky ReplacementAI tool is fun, and like the rest of the software, I switched out the entire sky automatically with a single click. It does all the tedious selecting and masking and blending nonsense for you.

There are options to apply masks if the AI struggles, but I didn’t need it for this photo. I also applied a mood to this image to adjust the overall color tone.

There are heaps of different skies to choose from to find the best one for your photo.

Adjusting body shape with the BodyAI tool

Next I had a look at the BodyAI tool: When applied with a light touch it handles well and the effect is realistic. In the FaceAI tools, there’s an equivalent for face slimming, which I applied to this shot, too.

My original had a pretty cool sky, but I enhanced the sun with a sunburst, and I’m never going to say no to a rainbow: This is blended in via the creative panel Augmented SkyAI tool. There’s a heap of options in here of things to add to the sky, from clouds to mountains to planets and space shuttles.

Changing eye color with the FaceAI tool

When adjusting how eyes appear in the photo, you can change color with a click.

It works well, although for my nephew (above), I found his original pupil was bigger than the replacement, which is noticeable when switching between the two. This is the beta of the software, so something to expect a fix for after release.

With this photo of my sister (above), I picked the cat eyes, to enhance her awesome Halloween look. I also made her eyes bigger, and slimmed her body and face slightly. Somehow, I didn’t think removing dark shadows was going to work in this case …

Even AI dark circles removal has its limits …

LuminarAI replaces a bunch of other products, with less effort

The creative tools in LuminarAI are pretty cool and replace a bunch of other products I use for creative effect. Sunbursts, mist, haze and sky replacements are built into the software, and extras can be downloaded as needed. With everything it can do, from skies to faces to body shaping, to built-in templates and moods, LuminarAI is crazy good value: I’ve bought preset packs for Lightroom Classic that cost more than this entire program. And when every experiment is non-destructive and just a click away, you can give your creativity free rein.