Quick Tips

Backing up your files

As I travel around the country teaching photography I often hear tales of woe from people. People who didn’t have a back-up in place for their computer. It is said

Add a workspace in Luminar Flex

With Luminar Flex, you can speed up your creative workflow by using and creating workspaces. If you use the same set of filters regularly but often change the settings you

bird photography roufus hummingbird

One word for better bird photography

Here’s a tip that will make your bird photography step up a notch. Patience. Spending time getting to know your subject before beginning to make images will increase your chances

Infrared photography extends your options

Having a camera converted to infrared can add to your creative quiver of tools. When the sun gets too harsh for most photography subjects in the landscape, infrared images tend

Prevent shadows in outdoor photographs

The best way to prevent shadows in outdoor photographs is to not pose your subjects in full sun. Sometimes that isn’t possible. Adding lots of fill light is the answer

Stitching panoramic photos

To create a beautiful panoramic photograph start with good camera capture. Ideally, you will have a panoramic head. A panoramic head allows you to rotate your camera on a perfect

Make your client feel at ease with a smile

There’s one simple trick I was taught several years ago, to help a client feel at ease. We all know that portrait subjects can sometimes get nervous or overthink their