This week, the Photofocus team landed in New York City for PhotoPlus. While there, we found some great new products! Stay tuned for our overview early next week. Here are some of our favorite articles from the week.

Is AI — Artificial Intelligence OK? Is AI OK? Or is it the beginning of the end? - AI. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. These terms mean the same thing but is AI a good thing? Or is it the harbinger of the end of humanity? Science fiction becomes reality. Again … Science fiction stories often predict new technologies that become everyday necessities. Star Trek’s communicator and tricorder were devices that practically everyone in […]
I need a major data storage upgrade - OK ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get real. I’m opening up about a delicate issue I know a lot of female photographers are experiencing as well. Yes … I’m talking about “upgrading my data assets.” Openhearted confession I’ll put my cards on the table: I’ve been rocking my own personal set up for several […]
Creative lighting for your pumpkins - Whether you are photographing pumpkins for fall, Halloween or even Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get creative with lighting for your pumpkins. Halloween spooky Want something a little dark and dramatic, possibly even spooky try a beauty dish on the lowest setting, but at least 5-6 feet away (2 meters). This creates deep shadows and soft […]
“What do I like about this picture?” Photographing and finishing with purpose - The first thing you should do when you start to make a landscape photo is to ask yourself, “What do I like about this picture?” The answer will guide you when you make the picture with the camera, and it will guide you when you finish the picture on your computer. Let me show you […]
DxO launches PhotoLab 3 with new color tools - This morning, DxO announced PhotoLab 3, the latest version to its flagship software. The upgrade features several optimizations to the software, including a redesigned HSL color adjustment feature, improvements to the Repair tool and brand-new Local Adjustments Mask Manager. Additionally, the software introduces keywords, allowing users to import existing keywords from other programs as well […]

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