This week, Andrew Ford kicked things off by talking about using artificial intelligence to save time, while Julie Powell reviewed the Rode smartLav+ mic — perfect for smartphones.

Ken Lee gave us some great tips for night photographers during COVID-19. Then, Joy Celine Asto showed us the amazing Iceland aerial photography from Jan Erik Waider. Finally, Sara Kempner brought the fall colors into full view with some tips on how to best capture the colorful season.

How artificial intelligence helps to fix a photographer’s most precious commodity - When you think of artificial intelligence, you may think of a robotic dystopian future or the exceedingly long movie from 2001. But to me, artificial intelligence brings plenty of hope to the world, if for no other reason than to make human lives easier. Our lives are busy and full of opportunity. With AI in […]
Mobile Mondays: Get better audio from your phone with the Rode smartLav+ mic - The Rode smartLav+ is an omnidirectional lapel mic designed specifically for smartphones. It might not be the very latest and greatest, but it certainly offers great quality for the price. I wanted a lapel microphone for my smartphone, as I record a lot of video with it these days. But I also didn’t want to […]
Photographing safely during COVID-19: A night photographer’s perspective - A lot of my photographer friends have been stuck at home, not getting out as much to practice their photography. For sure, it’s a frightening time for many. Restaurants and bars are closed. We need to keep a safe distance from people and wear a mask. Many of us know people who have caught COVID-19. […]
Impermanence: Abstract beauty of ice caves in Iceland - Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders that are just begging to be photographed. So, it’s not surprising to see many photographers finding inspiration everywhere and coming up with different ways to capture it. The unique landscape, for one, lends itself easily to beautiful abstract photography, as we have previously seen […]
Six tips to capture autumn colors - With the autumn season upon us, now is the perfect time to go out and photograph the abundance of colors that signify the changing of the seasons. Whether you’re in the city or out in the county, creatively capturing the essence of fall should definitely be on your shot list for this month. Below are […]

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