A lot’s been happening on Photofocus. Here’s a sample: Lauri Novak leads off telling how to use Luminar Flex looks in Lightroom. She follows that by answering why it’s good to take a basic camera class. Marie Tartar takes us to Chile for the 2019 solar eclipse while Joseph Linaschke shows how to handhold a camera. Michèle Grenier closes the week with a portfolio explanation of 10 CrossFit disciplines. Bonus! Drobo & Photofocus are having a photography contest. Read more about it and enter your photo here.

Using Luminar Flex as a Lightroom Classic plugin to get creative with Looks - Luminar Flex Looks make it easy to try new ways of being creative with your editing. The process is simple. It’s just like using any other plug-in with Adobe Lightroom Classic. In Lightroom Classic, go to Photo > Edit in and choose Luminar Flex. Once you’re finished in Flex, click on apply and it automatically […]
basic photography Why take a basic camera overview class? - I recently attended a free 90-minute camera workshop. The description was: “Basic Camera Overview/Class Orientation, DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Operation, and the Principles of Correct Exposure.” I’ve been taking photographs for over forty years, why on earth would I choose to go to a basic camera course? Several reasons actually: Relearn the basics Every now […]
Composite of total solar eclipse over pisco vineyard Falernia near Vicuña Chile in Elqui Valley July 2 of 2019 Great South American Solar Eclipse: How’d we do? Part one - What could possibly go wrong with five camera setups, four cameras, three tripods, two photographers, two chairs and a drone, all employed at the same time during the recent Great South American eclipse? If chaos comes to mind, that’d be close! To be sure, there was also fun, some confusion, performance anxiety, successes and misses, […]
Best practices when handholding a camera - In this video from LinkedIn Learning, instructor Joseph Linaschke walks us through how to best handhold your camera no matter what type of gear you’re carrying. For more LinkedIn Learning videos about photography, click here. There are a lot of different ways to hold your camera, and how you hold it is largely gonna depend […]
crossFit athlete dripping sweat after a hard workout training WOD What is CrossFit? The sport explained in 10 powerful photos - CrossFit is becoming more and more well known. Some of you might wonder, ‘what is this discipline exactly?’ Jump into my world as I share my top 10 photos to explain the sport of fitness! Definition As the founder, Greg Glassman wrote: “The CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements [ … that are] […]