A lot’s been happening on Photofocus. Here’s a sample: Lauri Novak leads off telling how to use Luminar Flex looks in Lightroom. She follows that by answering why it’s good to take a basic camera class. Marie Tartar takes us to Chile for the 2019 solar eclipse while Joseph Linaschke shows how to handhold a camera. Michèle Grenier closes the week with a portfolio explanation of 10 CrossFit disciplines. Bonus! Drobo & Photofocus are having a photography contest. Read more about it and enter your photo here.

Using Luminar Flex as a Lightroom Classic plugin to get creative with Looks - Luminar Flex Looks make it easy to try new ways of being creative with your editing. The process is simple. It’s just like using any
basic photography Why take a basic camera overview class? - I recently attended a free 90-minute camera workshop. The description was: “Basic Camera Overview/Class Orientation, DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Operation, and the Principles of Correct
Composite of total solar eclipse over pisco vineyard Falernia near Vicuña Chile in Elqui Valley July 2 of 2019 Great South American Solar Eclipse: How’d we do? Part one - What could possibly go wrong with five camera setups, four cameras, three tripods, two photographers, two chairs and a drone, all employed at the same
Best practices when handholding a camera - In this video from LinkedIn Learning, instructor Joseph Linaschke walks us through how to best handhold your camera no matter what type of gear you’re
crossFit athlete dripping sweat after a hard workout training WOD What is CrossFit? The sport explained in 10 powerful photos - CrossFit is becoming more and more well known. Some of you might wonder, ‘what is this discipline exactly?’ Jump into my world as I share