I’ll admit, the first time I looked into printing greeting cards with my landscape images, I ended up giving up on the idea. The profit margins seemed too low for the amount of work and materials required to create a quality product. Why would I want to put time into sourcing a supplier, creating proofs and paying for printing, envelopes and shipping only to make a few bucks profit?

Over time, I came to realize that greeting cards can create a lot more value for both your business and your brand than just a few dollars profit. Now, I make sure to always have some on hand and use them in a variety of ways. Below are three reasons why I believe greeting cards can be a great asset to your photography business:

Greeting cards are marketing material for your business

Done properly, your art cards can act as large business cards. Aside from choosing visually strong images, ensure that you have your name, logo, website and contact information on the back of the cards. This way, people can find out more about you, and hopefully will check out your website to see your work.

Your cards could be mailed across the country, or even internationally, so they’re a perfect vessel to market yourself to a diverse range of locations and people. You never know who might receive one of your cards and become a future client!

Use your cards to thank your clients

Another use for greeting cards is to send them out as thank you cards to your clients. I personally keep a list of all my clients through the year. Come December, I will send out a thank you card to each of them for supporting my business in the past year.

This will make your clients feel appreciated, and let them know that their business was important to you. It’s also a good way to touch base with them and keep your company fresh in their minds. And again, it gives them all of your contact information while also marketing what is hopefully a great image of yours on the front.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Your cards as bonus gifts to clients

Small gestures go a long way to make people feel appreciated. Being a landscape photographer, I get a lot of people buying prints as gifts for other people. Giving the purchaser a greeting card or two is generally an easy way to thank them for their business and give them a little something for themselves. The same goes for someone buying wall art, or someone who’s referred a client to me. A greeting card is a cost effective way to show the people that support your business that they are valued.

Greeting cards can be a great way to market yourself when done right. Make sure you create a product that looks professional and represents your brand in the best way possible. You can sell them through your website, social media or in local stores and cafes. Alternatively, use them to give to clients as a thank you to show your appreciation. Either way, I suggest having some cards on hand as you never know when they might come in handy!