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Remembering those who served: Luxembourg & Ardennes
Night adventure among the mysterious sliding stones in remote Death Valley National Park
Reliving Australian horror stories through a lens
A look at some of the most influential women war photographers
Does anyone miss Kodak’s retro Christmas commercials?
The top 10 most photogenic U.S. presidents
Today, we remember
How photography changed the way we view war
How photography influenced art, part two: Competing with paintings?
How photography influenced art, part one: Changing the world
Why was a painting of the moon landing on the cover of Time?
Black and white vs. color: Which has more emotion?

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The top 10 most photogenic U.S. presidents

With the election around the corner, wouldn’t it be fun to rank the top 10 most photogenic U.S. presidents? I thought so, too. First, to be photogenic, a president had to be photographed a few times. Not only that, but

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Today, we remember

On this 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, we remember through photography. Those who lost their lives that day will not be forgotten. Below are a few of our favorite photographs from our Flickr group, in remembrance of

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Atlanta photographer Ron Sherman's photograph of Hank Aaron rounding the bases after breaking Babe Ruth's home run record with number 715.

Photographing Hank Aaron’s 715th homer

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Atlanta photographer, Ron Sherman, recounts his Baseball Hall of Fame photo of Hank Aaron rounding the bases after hitting home run number 715 breaking Babe Ruth’s long-standing record.) The record breaker and friends On April

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On Photography: The work of Alfred Stieglitz

On Photography: Alfred Stieglitz, 1864-1946

“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz Alfred Stieglitz is best known as the photographer who made photography accepted as a form of art. During his 5 decades-long career,

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On Photography: The photographs of Linda McCartney

On Photography: Linda McCartney, 1941-1998

“The real thing that makes a photographer is more than just a technical skill, more than turning on the radio. It has to do with the force of inner intention. I have always called this a visual signature…” — Linda

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Oregon Coast Sunset

Six tips to improve your beach sunset shots

It is summertime and you are off to the beach. Here are some tips to improve your sunset shots. Bracket Sunset exposures can be tricky. With bracketing, you have a better chance of getting a properly exposed image. Or you

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Wide angle lens camera

How to pick the right wide-angle lens

Looking for a new lens and wondering which focal length to choose? Here’s a comparison to help you understand the differences and pick the right wide-angle lens. Let’s have a comparison Here are the pictures from three different prime lenses:

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On Photography: Sophie Rivera, 1938-2021

On Photography: Sophie Rivera, 1938-2021

“The photo world, in general, was very machismo, Sophie was small and quiet, but she made her presence known. She was making street photography when New York was really at its nadir. The camera made her fearless. It gave her

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