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I still want a studio, but outside my home
Mind Your Own Business: New year, new plans!
Photographers can now fight copyright infringement
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Five steps to a successful portfolio website
Why 2021 will be GREAT for wedding photographers
Five things successful photographers don’t do
MDRN Photobooth is an event success
Beyond Technique: Monica Royal discusses macro and fine art photography
Mind Your Own Business: Tom Curley discusses sowing the seeds for an amazing 2021
Three reasons to turn your images into greeting cards
What I’m learning about photography during COVID-19

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Why 2021 will be GREAT for wedding photographers

2020 undoubtedly hit wedding photographers harder than any other type of photographer. With multiple postponements, rebookings and cancelations, wedding photographers simply didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, hope is on the horizon, according to YouTuber Taylor Jackson. He envisions 2021

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MDRN Photobooth Company and DNP printers

MDRN Photobooth is an event success

MDRN Photobooth Company is a super-successful event photography group based in Ottawa, Canada. Using DNP printers they provide not only memories for events for attendees, but also branding for event sponsors by printing lanyards. Event lanyards The lanyards included the

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Lessons from the field: Reframing failures

One of the hardest parts of starting out in any industry or job is your inevitable failures while learning and growing. I don’t care who you are — you’re going to make mistakes and learn lessons the hard way. As

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Let it snow: Winter photography tips for snowy scenes

Gearing up to shoot gorgeous snowy scenes this frosty season? Winter photography comes with its own set of challenges, but many photographers simply can’t resist the charm of winter scenes. Whether you’re still looking for inspiration or some new ideas

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How to be satisfied with your own photography

If you consider yourself as a perfectionist in your photography or other creative endeavors, you’ll always feel unsatisfied with your work. Perfection does not equate to excellence, and we have to be mindful to not let it consume our work.

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Why choosing the right focal length matters

Among the first technical things that every photographer has to learn is choosing the right lens for the job. It’s not so much as picking up the right brand, but more of choosing the right focal length that will best

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Get the perfect crop with CompositionAI

With CompositionAI in the new LuminarAI, you can get the perfect copy and fix perspective issues in no time flat. Photofocus publisher Rich Harrington shows you how to get things done. Save on LuminarAI and get our free Boot Camp

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Avoiding memory card chaos

As photographers, we often take for granted one of the most important pieces of equipment we can invest in — memory cards. Whether you use CF or SD cards, there’s some simple things to remember in order to avoid card failure.

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Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure with Kevin Ames

Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The three photos above are with different exposures. Each one brings out a different feeling or

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