Best Luminar organizational practices by Mike Hagen leads off this edition of the Wrap-Up, followed by tips on photographing wildlife in captivity from Jason Hahn. Michael Muraz goes into the business of licensing photography for office murals, Levi Sim weighs in on “chimping” and digital tech guru Mykii Lui explains multicore support for Lightroom.
The Weekly Wrap-Up features a few of the posts from these last 7 days on Photofocus. Enjoy!

Best organizational practices for Luminar 3 catalogs - In addition to being an excellent image post processing tool, Skylum’s Luminar 3 is also a digital asset management tool. As with any photo organization tool, users should put some thought into the organization of the images on their hard drive before getting too far along with the software. A poorly-organized hard drive can make […]
Photography tips for zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and rescues - For many people, the opportunity to observe and photograph the beauty and behavior of animals like wolves, raptors, and big cats in the wild is limited by many factors, including the scarcity of these animals and the need for massive lenses to observe them from great distances. For many of us, our local wildlife preserves, […]
Licensing images for murals in commercial and office spaces - In the past few years, I had several inquiries from companies who wanted to license my images for murals in commercial or office spaces. Since it’s a pretty specific use, I thought some of you might be interested in the process. First, in those situations, let me explain how licensing works. I licensed the right […]
Portrait Tips: Make pictures now, chimp later - With visions of Joe McNally’s firetruck portraits in mind, I set out on a ride-along with the Salt Lake City Fire Department. Now, I didn’t get to rig lights outside the truck, and I wasn’t driving at night through Times Square, but I was hopeful that I might see a picture worth making. Find a […]
Did Adobe actually add functional multicore support for Lightroom Classic? - So here I am at 11 p.m. organizing some images after upgrading my Lightroom Classic to 8.3, and I see on the top of my Mac’s menu bar a giant block of blue. You see, I’m running a little tool called iStat Menu, a hardware monitoring tool that shows nerds, like myself, temperatures, CPU activity, […]