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iPhone 13 Pro Max the perfect solution for photo and video on-the-go
Mobile Mondays: Macro Mode on the new iPhone 13 Pro is the real deal
Mobile Mondays: Stabilize your phone and make easy adjustments with the Oben ASPTA-20 tripod adapter
Mobile Mondays: Moment Tele 58mm lens lets you zoom in on your world
Mobile Mondays: Is Photoshop Express ready for prime-time photo editing?
Mobile Mondays: Is Focos the greatest app for professional bokeh on a smartphone?
Mobile Monday: The Rode you should take
Why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mobile Mondays: DJI OM 4 smartphone stabilizer balances with a multitude of options
Mobile Mondays: Get better audio from your phone with the Rode smartLav+ mic
Using the Sony Xperia 1 for portrait photography
Capturing outdoor and travel photographs with the Sony Xperia 1

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Rode VideoMicro

Mobile Monday: The Rode you should take

I was on the lookout for a new mobile video production microphone setup, without breaking the bank. And let’s just say that, after purchasing the Rode VideoMicro Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone, I could not be happier with its performance. The

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iphone 12 pro max

Why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

In this article and in the video down below, I’m going to share why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ll be coming at this from the standpoint of a photographer, a video creator and a father of

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Levi_Sim_Paint Can App Cover-1

Adobe Paint Can App Review

Richard Harrington recently shared a picture on social media that looked like a painting, and in the corner it read, “Created with Adobe Paint Can.” I immediately downloaded this free app from the Apple App Store. Although it’s only for

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A Quick Look at the Samsung’s NX1

Mirrorless has come a long way since its introduction into the market. With technology advancing and improving so quickly, it is to no surprise that a technology companies, like Samsung, are able to produce amazing photography equipment alongside the other

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Photo Face Off: iPhone 6 vs Android

iPhone Day! Yesterday, I woke up at 6AM morning to head over to the Apple Store at Pioneer Place in Portland, OR. It was “iPhone Day” after all and there was a 128GB silver iPhone 6 Plus with my name

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How to Shoot 16mm Film in 2021 / Krasnogorsk-3 / Full Guide - youtube

Quick tips for using 16mm film in 2021

There’s no doubt that despite film stock discontinuations, film photography continues to be alive. Interestingly, it’s still possible to come across and shoot with unique, albeit rare formats like 16mm film. You only need to do your research and prepare beforehand. If

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With portraits, it’s not about you

I consider portraits my main photography genre. One thing I’ve come to notice is that no matter how great a photo I technically produce, the client will only be pleased if I’m able to authentically create their image in a way

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Joe Kennedy: Photographer of moments

This week we’re getting to know community member, Joe Kennedy. Joe discovered the exciting and challenging world of digital photography back in 2005. Since then he has invested his time and talents in local camera clubs hoping to better define

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Step back in time with DxO FilmPack 6

In addition to announcing PhotoLab 5 this morning, DxO announced an update to its FilmPack software. FilmPack 6 introduces new films, cinematographic renderings and support for Fujifilm X-Trans RAW files. It also adds a new feature called Time Machine, a

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