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DSLRs aren’t dead: Four superb DSLRs that are still at the top of the game
Cherish your family memories with a photo book
Get started calibrating your monitor with the SpyderX
Use a polarizer for purer portraits and less retouching
These small, yet powerful cameras make street photography easy
How to properly use a tripod
Three bags to bring to the beach with your photography gear
Using a kit lens on a panorama? You bet, part one
Four professional cameras under $2,000 for today’s modern photographers
Seven reasons I now use a Pentax K-1 camera
How to protect your camera gear from the summertime heat
Four entry level cameras that will kickstart your photography in 2021

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How to properly use a tripod

A lot of you have likely invested in a tripod … that’s the good news. Now let’s make sure you’re getting the most benefit from using it. Here are a few practical tips to get the results you want. Find

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Seven reasons I now use a Pentax K-1 camera

I have been photographing with Nikon for almost the entire time I have been doing travel or, more recently, night photography. When I purchased a Pentax K-1, some photographers raised eyebrows.  Why would I purchase a 2016 camera years after

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Featured-5 Tips for Printing

Five tips for printing your photos

We live in the most photographed century Thanks to point-and-shoot cameras, lower prices on professional DSLRs and cell phones, we live in the most photographed century ever. This is exciting, but for some reason, people are not printing as much.

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Datacolor’s SpyderX Create Kit makes color management a piece of cake!

Datacolor is no stranger to color management. In fact, Datacolor has been leading the way in the calibration of photographer’s and videographer’s monitors for many years. Now, their new SpyderX Create Kit is aiming to make things even easier for modern creators when it comes to managing color. Here, we’ll take a quick look at what comes in the Datacolor SpyderX Create Kit (that you can get for $199.99), and just how the items in the kit can make your images and your workflow better than ever.

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On Photography: Lou Jones, 1945-present

On Photography: Lou Jones, 1945-present

“In art, I think that you’re pushed and pulled in a direction. And being a Black artist, especially a black photographer, a lot of my decisions were based upon survival.” -Lou Jones Lou Jones has been a successful photographer for

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Why you should use a 135mm for Portrait Photography - youtube

Portrait photography tips for using a 135mm lens

How long can you go when it comes to lenses for portrait shoots? Many photographers would typically find 85mm a good medium telephoto lens for this purpose for its pleasant background compression and flattering rendering of a subject’s face. Today’s

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“Amazing Photography” inspires in many ways

Recently I was sent a copy of the “Amazing Photography” book from Xpozer. I sat down with a cup of tea, relaxed and prepared myself to be inspired. Inspirational images The Amazing Photography book has many inspirational images, of course.

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