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Light painting 101: How to photograph a historic Route 66 Whiting Bros Motel sign
Three effective two-light setups that work for any portrait photoshoot
Portrait Tips: Two tips to help normal people look great
Light painting 101: Three steps to creating long shadows at an abandoned waterpark entrance
A simple, quick off-camera light solution when you’re on-the-go
Off-camera flash: Four rechargeable strobes that won’t break the bank
Light painting 101: Illuminating a piano in a creepy abandoned mental hospital
Light painting 101: Five steps to light painting an Old West gas station
How to take great photos with bad lighting
Three ways to direct light for food photography
The four things I’d buy right now to get started using off-camera flash with my Canon DSLR
There’s just one trick to photographing glasses

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Three ways to direct light for food photography

When photographing food, the direction of your light is very important. Certain angles will help shape the scene and can also be the difference between a successful image, and one that is just “meh.” In this article, I will be

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Window Levi Sim-1

Using window light for your portrait

Using the light from a window is a terrific way to illuminate your subject. It can be the biggest and softest light of all — and it’s free. One of the biggest advantages to using window light is that what

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Understanding the magic of catchlights

When looking at a portrait where is the first place you look? I look at the subject’s eyes. This leads me to look at the lights in their eyes. A catchlight is a light source that causes a specular highlight

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Shoot and Edit Otherworldly Photos in Night Mode with Maria Lax | Apple - youtube

Mobile Mondays: Otherworldly iPhone 12 night photography

Today’s modern cameras come with powerful features that make night photography a lot easier. They include the increasingly capable cameras of smartphones. If you’re curious about night photography with the iPhone 12, you might get some cool ideas from this Apple Creative

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On Photography: David duChemin, 1971-present

On Photography: David duChemin, 1971-present

“Knowing failure is part of our process, and leads to new ideas, stronger work, and more honest questions, liberates us to peer, a little less frightened, into the unknown.”  – David duChemin David duChemin photographs the souls of his subjects.

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