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Photo copyright Chamira Young

Don’t join the comparison game

The comparison game is easy to get caught up in. Have you ever looked at another photographer and compared your work or income level to theirs? Ever think you’re not as “good” or “successful” as they are? Ever mentally beat

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The stroke of an artist: Michael Gilbert

Art struck Michael Gilbert before he picked up a camera. Painting, to be specific. The Tamron Image Master spent several years as a portrait painter, starting in high school. Only to now be a fine art portrait photographer in Hawaii.

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How to Shoot 16mm Film in 2021 / Krasnogorsk-3 / Full Guide - youtube

Quick tips for using 16mm film in 2021

There’s no doubt that despite film stock discontinuations, film photography continues to be alive. Interestingly, it’s still possible to come across and shoot with unique, albeit rare formats like 16mm film. You only need to do your research and prepare beforehand. If

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