This week, Andrew Ford kicked things off by showcasing the top 10 most photogenic presidents in U.S. history. Then, Joy Celine Asto brought us back to the summers of old with a great project that looks provides a bit of nostalgia.

Jemma Pollari gave us three ideas for perfect fall family photos, and Darren Miles told us why he’s ordering the new Nikon Z 6II. Finally, Lauri Novak provided a first look into her favorite courses of the 5DayDeal — where you can get over $2700 worth of photo education for just $89!

The top 10 most photogenic U.S. presidents - With the election around the corner, wouldn’t it be fun to rank the top 10 most photogenic U.S. presidents? I thought so, too. First, to be photogenic, a president had to be photographed a few times. Not only that, but I had to be able to find the photos online and they needed to carry […]
Youthful summer memories in nostalgic black and white - Summer photos evoke a lot of memories for all of us — either in vibrant color or gritty black and white, and whether we’re looking at them from our phones or family photo albums. There’s something about the distinct imagery of trips, experiences, and scenes immortalized in every shot that strongly radiates with nostalgia. I […]
Three easy ideas for family photos this fall - As the leaves change and the kids get excited for Halloween, fall is a beautiful time for family photos. The colors will keep you warm all winter! Use the intervalometer on your camera for leafy shots An intervalometer trips the shutter on repeat (e.g. once every two seconds), and this is a fun method to […]
Four reasons why I’m ordering a Nikon Z 6II - Did you hear the news about the new Z 6II camera? Nikon’s announcement was met with a collective yawn, but in spite of that, I’ll likely order the newest camera from Nikon. Here are four reasons why. 1. Adaptable lenses I am heavily invested in Nikon glass and have been waiting for a Nikon mirrorless body […]
Ready to get started with 5DayDeal? My top five educational courses to check out - 5DayDeal is at it again. They continue to offer amazing educational opportunities, videos, tutorials, presets, LUTs, actions and magazines. All of this for a great price of $89! You should act quickly though as this deal is only available through October 20, 2020. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or a seasoned pro, there is something […]