Here are just some of the interesting articles that we published this week. Michèle Grenier finishes her series on photographing an international sports event. Andrew Ford shares his green screen location kit. Julie Powell finds her photos with Excire Search. New writer Jeremy Gray talks about the state of the Nikon Z mirrorless system. Bryan Esler’s Creators Chat features an interview with Lindsay Adler and Cano’s EOS Utility gets an upgrade to fix what Apple broke.

Fame weightlifter smiles at the crowd after a successful lift Covering my first international sports event, part two - I’m on my way to covering my first international sports event with my camera bag fully equipped. Let the games begin! Welcoming the baby — Sony 400 f/2.8 GM The Sony 400mm f/2.8 GM arrived at my home for its 10-day loan. It felt like a dream in a case — a HUGE photographer’s dream […]
Green screen on-the-go - A green screen kit is handy for many video projects, but you may not own one because it seems costly to purchase or a pain to setup.  I thought the same thing when starting out, but after the expense of renting time at a local studio and renting kits on the road in major cities, […]
Using Excire Search in Lightroom Classic for the first time - After recently been given a copy of Excire Search 2 Pro to review, I wrote my first post on downloading and installing it. This process took roughly 36-40 hours, as it completed initialization while I was asleep. I awoke to find a dialog box on the computer telling me the current status. Quick and easy […]
The state of the Nikon Z system, part one: Cameras - (Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Jeremy Gray to the Photofocus team. Located in Maine, Jeremy has been a fine art landscape and nature photographer since 2006, and has received numerous awards as a part of art and photography-specific contests, exhibitions and shows. You can follow him online at In the fall of 2018, […]
The day in the life of a professional photographer The day in the life of a professional photographer - We see it every day. Someone becomes a photographer and thinks, “Now I get to make photographs for the rest of my life.” Sure, you can and you will. But not as much as you think. In fact, maybe 20% of the time you will be making photographs, while the rest of the time will […]
Farming beauty, with Lindsay Adler - For Lindsay Adler, getting started with photography deeply involved her family, living on a farm. But instead of working the farm, she pulled out a camera early on and learned how to capture the scenery surrounding her. “It was actually a family hobby. My grandma liked to take pictures around the farm. My mom did, […]
Canon releases EOS Utility update, fixes macOS Catalina issue - Canon has quietly released a new version of its EOS Utility. The update restores compatibility with macOS Catalina version 10.15.2 and higher. The issue I reported on January 15, 2020, was created by Apple’s 10.15.2 update. The next update from Apple did not address the connectivity problem. Tethering restored Canon’s EOS Utility 3 and the […]

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