This week, Ken Lee kicked things off by telling us why DSLRs are still relevant in 2020, while Michele Grenier showed us the power of the SpyderCUBE.

Kevin Ames walked us through lux, footcandles and exposure when it comes to lighting, Ken Lee made star trails come alive with Plotagraph Pro and Jeremy Gray showed us how to bring out hidden details in RAW files.

Why should you use a DSLR in 2020? - Mirrorless cameras are the future. Most companies are releasing mirrorless cameras, and many are filled with amazing tech. So what reasons would there be to still use a DSLR? Turns out there’s a few. And not to worry, this is not an anti-mirrorless camera rant. These are simply a few reasons why someone might reach […]
Can your gray card do THIS? - The SpyderCUBE — a smart alternative to the gray card — measures white balance, exposure, black level and brightness ... Can YOUR gray card do this? Let's compare from a little closer!
How bright is that light? Your guide to lux, footcandles and exposure How bright is that light? Your guide to lux, footcandles and exposure - The output of LED lights is rated in lux, lumens or footcandles. What the heck do all of these terms mean when all we want to know is how bright the light is in f/stop, shutter speed and ISO? Here are the simple answers … Footcandles are for movies, video and television I remember working […]
Star trails come alive with Plotagraph Pro - I just had an opportunity to experiment with Plotagraph Pro, which adds motion to a single image. I used the desktop app of Plotagraph Pro to animate parts of my night photos. Here’s how the process went. Masking I began masking the parts that I wished to remain still. I quickly found that many of […]
Quickly bring out hidden details in your RAW image files - Aurora HDR has long been a popular photo editing application for combining bracketed images into beautiful high-dynamic range (HDR) images. However, you don’t need to bracket images to make use of Aurora HDR. In fact, in short order, you can add a lot of life to your RAW images using the software. First steps The […]

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