We kicked off January with some great new content to get you going this year! This week, Darren Miles told us about five things successful photographer’s don’t do. Then, the Photofocus Editorial Board discussed what Nikon has to do to stay relevant.

Lauri Novak told us about the brand-new Photofocus Community, while Ken Lee gave some great ideas for how to photograph with hand sanitizer. Finally, Bob Coates taught us how to capture more striking bird photographs.

Five things successful photographers don’t do - A couple of years ago, I made a YouTube video on this very topic. As we move into the new year, I think it’s worth revisiting as we all prepare to thankfully put 2020 behind us. I’ve been in the photography business for over a decade. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two […]
What Nikon needs to do to stay in the game - Back in the day, there were two primary camera brands — Canon and Nikon. If you walked into any camera shop, Canon and Nikon were the main brands you saw. The companies moved the photography industry forward year after year, from film cameras to DSLRs. Even today, if you walk into a camera shop, those […]
The legacy of Olympus - January 1, 2021 marked a major shift in the history of Olympus, as the company’s camera division was officially acquired by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). While no one but JIP truly knows what’s in store for the future, one thing is for sure — Olympus has had a major impact on the camera industry since […]
Macro photography at home: Creating otherworldly scenes with hand sanitizer - I’m stuck at home a lot. You probably are as well. But we can still experiment and be creative with our photography — and it doesn’t need to cost very much. Keeping expenses low I wanted something simple. I have minimal equipment and wanted to experiment with items found around the house. I already had […]
bird photography in the early moning fog Capturing more striking bird photographs - Bird photography or photographing birds can be quite challenging. Why you ask? Birds are everywhere. It’s a piece of cake to make bird images. Well, yes and no. It’s easy to acquire a photo of the avian species. It’s quite another to get a good or even excellent capture. Read on and I’ll give you […]

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