This week, Julie Powell kicked things off with a review of the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 for Sony cameras. Then, Bryan Esler talked with Will Allen about the Content Authenticity Initiative, while Levi Sim gave a first look into the new Color Grading tool in Lightroom.

Ken Lee provided a comparison between Photoshop and Luminar when it comes to sky replacement, and Scott Wyden Kivowitz sat down with Dave Cross about the Photoshop Virtual Summit II. Finally, Michèle Grenier wrote about her experience hanging a ginormous print for her client.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 a great all-rounder for Sony photographers - When I first switched over to my Sony system, I had a basic kit lens which I bought with it. It was great, but had a variable f/3.5-5.6 aperture. I wanted something that would do f/2.8 without breaking the bank. After talking to a few photographer friends and doing a bit of research I bought […]
Adobe unveils prototype of content attribution tool - After being announced during Adobe MAX 2019, this morning Adobe unveiled a first look at its content attribution tool, as a part of the Content Authenticity Initiative. The tool, which aims to develop an industry standard when it comes to content attribution on the web, hopes to resolve the challenges of manipulated content and deepfakes. […]
Portrait Tips: Using the new Color Grading tool in Lightroom - Now, I’m not a huge fan of Instagram filters and most Lightroom preset packs. The reason I don’t like them is that they try to mask mediocrity with fad color tones. Using a celebrity’s preset won’t make your picture look like theirs — it’ll just make your shadows look as colorful as theirs. Hate me […]
The battle of sky replacement: Photoshop vs. Luminar 4 - Recently, in conjunction with the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, Adobe released the eagerly awaited version of Photoshop version 22, which comes with quite a few new features, many of which are powered by AI. Sky replacement One of the most anticipated features in Photoshop is their AI-powered Sky Replacement. Personally, I am not so interested […]
What you’ll learn at, and why you should attend Photoshop Virtual Summit II - Photoshop educator Dave Cross is at it again with the second Photoshop Virtual Summit or as he likes to call it, the sequel. I spoke with Dave about the summit to find out what’s in it for the Photofocus community, what it is exactly and why people should attend. This is the second Photoshop Virtual […]
Xpozer print Tonic CrossFit Hanging a gigantic print - Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing the result of your vision, your work in a print. What is it like to create a GIGANTIC multi-panel print for a client? Absolutely mind-blowing! Here’s my experience of hanging a 20-by-7 foot print in a gym! A gigantic print project A couple of months ago, Photofocus, Xpozer […]