This week’s Wrap-Up features photographing cars by Lauri Novak, working with small critters from Julie Powell, then, Levi Sim shows how to make a magazine cover portrait group, Michael Muraz explains capturing photos for 3-D renderings and the Photofocus Team shares a video on Photoshop’s blending modes. This edition of the WW-U has something for everyone. Enjoy!

photographing car shows It’s car show season - It’s car show season here in the Midwest and I’m off to my first one of the season this weekend. It’s been a while since
Working with reptiles and small critters - I recently did a photoshoot with some reptiles and small critters. All were Australian animals, but I am pretty sure most reptiles are similar around
Portrait Tips: Photographing a magazine cover - When you make pictures for a client, you’ve got to keep in mind what their final use will be. In fact, you’ve got to quiz
Architectural photography: Capturing angles for 3D renderings - A lesser-known facet of architectural photography is creating images for 3D renderings. When an architectural firm designs a building, the client often needs 3D renderings
Getting to know Photoshop Blend Modes - Photoshop has lots of tools available to both photographers and designers. One of those is Blend Modes, which allow you to control how things like