This week’s Wrap-Up features photographing cars by Lauri Novak, working with small critters from Julie Powell, then, Levi Sim shows how to make a magazine cover portrait group, Michael Muraz explains capturing photos for 3-D renderings and the Photofocus Team shares a video on Photoshop’s blending modes. This edition of the WW-U has something for everyone. Enjoy!

photographing car shows It’s car show season - It’s car show season here in the Midwest and I’m off to my first one of the season this weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve wandered around and taken images at a car show, so I went back to look over this article and expand on it a bit. Talk to the car owners […]
Working with reptiles and small critters - I recently did a photoshoot with some reptiles and small critters. All were Australian animals, but I am pretty sure most reptiles are similar around the world. I have done this several times and it is always a lot of fun, as long as you don’t have a problem with reptiles. We had a handler […]
Portrait Tips: Photographing a magazine cover - When you make pictures for a client, you’ve got to keep in mind what their final use will be. In fact, you’ve got to quiz them carefully about what the final uses may include. This is especially true when you work with a magazine. Get the layout When you work with a magazine you must […]
Architectural photography: Capturing angles for 3D renderings - A lesser-known facet of architectural photography is creating images for 3D renderings. When an architectural firm designs a building, the client often needs 3D renderings of the building to market it, whether it is condos, rentals, offices or even public buildings. To make those renderings more realistic and to provide context, they’re often inserted in […]
Getting to know Photoshop Blend Modes - Photoshop has lots of tools available to both photographers and designers. One of those is Blend Modes, which allow you to control how things like layers interact with each other. You can change the effect of lighting in your image, take out specific pieces of a graphic or add special effects, all through blend modes. […]