5DayDeal is at it again. They continue to offer amazing educational opportunities, videos, tutorials, presets, LUTs, actions and magazines. All of this for a great price of $89!

You should act quickly though as this deal is only available through October 20, 2020. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or a seasoned pro, there is something here for everyone. Here are my five favorite 5DayDeal courses:

Chris O’Donnell — Tone & Detail for Adobe Lightroom

Chris O'Donnell 5DayDeal

Learn the ins and outs of contrast, luminosity and color, as well as how they work together. The end goal is to enhance our photographs by adjusting your luminosity, contrast and color in your images. Chris goes a bit deeper and discusses how tone and detail affect your images. He also helps you understand why these things are important which is an important part of the photographic process.

Chris offers very comprehensive lessons on curves, tonal adjustments, luminosity and color control. There is an in-depth section on the histogram and how to use it in your processing. After these lessons, you’ll know exactly which sliders you need to adjust for your image.

This course is a deep dive into definitions, how to enhance contrast, how color affects contrast and luminosity. He discusses the difference between luminance and luminosity and lightness and brightness. Chris walks you through example images to show you exactly how to use tone and detail to enhance a scene.

This is definitely a course you’ll go back to over and over. It’s very detailed and will help you take your photos to the next level. Chris also offers a free course on how to develop a creative workflow in the darkroom as a bonus for purchasing the 5DayDeal.

Joel Grimes — One Light Masterclass

Joel takes you through his thought process, techniques, tips and tricks that he uses when creating his one light portraits. Included in this course are case studies, a couple of cheat sheets and so much lighting information you’ll want to watch it several times.

Joel takes the technical side and instead of teaching it from that perspective, he takes lighting and teaches it in a more intuitive and creative way. Joel starts with the basics of how light works and effects an image. He then takes you through how he approaches different situations and shows examples of how to set up your lighting.

You’ll then go along with Joel as he takes you along on a couple of photoshoots so you can watch what he does. Finally, he’ll walk you through the retouching process.

Scott Kelby — Beginners Start Here

If you are just starting out, really want to go back to basics to learn things you missed or relearn some of what you don’t always remember or think about, this series of nine videos is perfect for that. Scott takes you through the most basic camera settings, from getting off auto mode all the way through how to get tack sharp images, exposure and lenses. No matter what camera you have, he covers the topics you need to know to get started.

Scott Kelby 5DayDeal

What I really like about this course is Scott’s matter of fact, here’s what you need to know approach. He’s talking to you just as he would if you’re out shooting together. There are sections where he takes you along on a shoot to show you what to do. The subject matter is always simply explained and examples are shown.

Ryan Dyar — Capture the Night

It seems like so many of my photographer friends have started getting into night photography more and more. Because of that, I was drawn toward this course by Ryan Dyar. He takes you through example images to show you what works and how to best capture images at night. He walks you through his post-processing steps and includes practice files included so you can practice and learn yourself. There is also a Photoshop dodge and burn action to download and use.

If you’re interested in photographing the aurora borealis, a course by Arild Heitmann is also included with this bundle. Besides the incredible images, Arild takes you through his process for how he photographs and also how he processes his northern lights images.

There is both theory and processing explained in this course. You’ll also receive practice images and a Photoshop shortcuts cheat sheet to download.

These are both bucket list photography genres and subjects for me. Ryan and Arild both have shared so many great tips and tricks in their courses. I’ll be saving them for when I get to cross these off that list of mine.

Gavin Hardcastle — Composition Made Easy

We all know that the key to creating a great image is a killer composition. It’s a basic principle in photography to learn and understand. Whether you’re just starting out or could use a little refresher, it never hurts to learn about composition basics.

In this course, Gavin takes you through the steps you need to take in order to create more compelling compositions in your own photography. He breaks it down and simplifies it so it’s very easy to understand using both live footage and still image examples. Watch this course and you’ll start asking yourself the right questions before you press that shutter. I really enjoyed the back to basics nature of it.

Gavin Hardcastle 5DayDeal

There’s so much more

There are so many more courses, videos, presets and freebies that you’ll receive when you purchase the 5DayDeal photography bundle. I bought a bundle a few years ago and still refer back to the information I received!

It’s definitely an incredible value for the price; you get over $2700 in value for just $89! To learn more, visit the 5DayDeal website.