This week, Michèle Grenier kicked things off, introducing us to the new SpyderX Photo Kit. Then, Bryan Esler told us about an awesome all-purpose lens for micro four-thirds … for under $500.

Jemma Pollari taught us some tricks on how to make tweens smile during photoshoots, Levi Sim taught us how to get rid of purple glare in eyeglasses and Giulio Sciorio tackled the current state of Adobe and Photoshop Camera.

Discover the new SpyderX Photo Kit - Looking for tools for more consistency, efficiency and accuracy in your photographic work? Then you should discover the new Datacolor kit!
Family photos with tweens: Photographing kids who are too cool for school - There are distinct photographic phases that kids seem to go through during childhood. As babies, they couldn’t care less. Toddlers: They might be more interested
The best all-purpose lens for micro four-thirds, under $500 - When I went out to Moab, UT in the fall to test out the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, I also had the chance to
Portrait Tips: Three ways to remove that pesky purple glare in glasses - I love photographing people with glasses, and it drives me nuts. Glasses are an easy prop to work with, and when you know how to
Is Adobe tone-deaf or an ally to artists? - With the release of Photoshop Camera, Adobe flexes some serious tech for consumers but at the expense of working artists. The smartphone camera completely transformed

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