Summertime and the living is easy. While this week wraps up summer a lot was happening on Photofocus. Here’s a taste…

Julie Powell leads us off with great advice about comparing our work to social media, a guest post from Giulio Scorio shares 10 must know Lightroom tips, managing editor Bryan Esler weighs in with a first look at AI Structure in Luminar 4, then Levi Sim’s Portrait Tips admonishes to move in close, Bob Coates tells why he stores photos in the cloud and a video from Joseph Linaschke’s LinkedIn Learning class on macro photos of flowers in nature rounds out the week. Enjoy!

1968 Lincoln Continental Stop comparing your photography to others - It’s hard not to compare our work with everyone else’s. We see it every day on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. We can’t seem
10 Lightroom tips you MUST know — desktop and mobile, part one - (Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome this guest post from Giulio Sciorio. Giulio is one of the first professional photographers to move from DSLR’s to
First look: AI Structure in Luminar 4 - Skylum has announced yet another new feature for its upcoming Luminar 4 software — AI Structure. I was lucky enough to get an early look
Portrait Tips: Get close for impactful character portraits - Whenever you make a portrait, you should say to yourself, “Self, I like this picture because ____.” Then, you should use the right tools to
Why I finally chose to backup my photos to the cloud - I tend to be a slow adopter of new technology. And, I fought the possibility of having a cloud backup, especially to backup photos from
Photographing macro flowers in a natural setting - In this video, Joseph Linaschke shows us best practices for capturing macro flower photographs in a natural setting. For more LinkedIn Learning videos about photography,