This week, Ken Lee got us ready for the winter season by showing us the OpenSnow app. Then, Sara Kempner told us how to find inspiration to photograph in winter weather.

Bryan Esler reviewed the Sigma 100-400mm super telephoto lens for Sony cameras, while Darren Miles gave us his thoughts on the Profoto brand. Finally, Julie Powell presented some creative ideas for photographing drinks.

Mobile Mondays: Finding snow with the OpenSnow app for iOS - In the Southwest and elsewhere, much of the snow we get is in the mountains or higher elevations. What’s the best way to determine when it’s going to snow? And where? Snow and ski apps Thankfully, there’s quite a few snow and ski apps available. Most of these are designed for skiers to make plans. […]
Finding inspiration to photograph in winter weather - Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the sun shines all year, you’ve probably been met with the winter photography doldrums. I live on the west coast of Canada, aka the “wet coast” to locals. Needless to say, we get a lot of rain through the winter months. As someone who shoots about 85% […]
Sigma 100-400mm offers superior performance in a compact footprint - I was torn when I was offered the chance to review the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary lens (B&H | Amazon) for Sony. On one hand, having that sort of reach is wonderful. As someone who has been photographing people around my city, it allowed me to be more of a fly on […]
Has Profoto lost its way? - Let’s get one thing out of the way — this is not a hit piece on Profoto. I’ve been an avid user and proponent of their gear for almost a decade. Their lighting is consistent and nearly bulletproof, and the system has come through for me for nearly a decade. However, in the last couple […]
Capturing the perfect drop - Whether it’s cocktails or mocktails, it’s those little details that can make all the difference in your photos. Capturing the perfect drop is easy with a few tips and tricks. Ice cubes and condensation, garnishes and staging … these are what make all the difference. Throw in the right lighting and camera angles and you […]