Here are five articles from the last seven days on Photofocus. Bob Coates shows how to pair Aurora HDr and Luminar Flex. Bryan Esler explains cloud backups. Lauri Novak asks “Why did you buy that lens”? Mike Muraz writes on picturing office spaces. Finally, Kevin Ames reviews an 8-bay Drobo.
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Pairing Aurora HDR and Luminar Flex - We have all heard that the best time of day to photo is sunrise and sunset. This is quite true as the sunlight passing through
Securing your photos with cloud backup - Throughout my photographic career, I’ve tried several backup solutions both on-site and in the cloud. Having lost some photographs in the past, it was important
Commercial architecture: Photographing office spaces - Some of my favorite photoshoots over the past year have been office spaces. It’s pretty incredible what some of these new offices look, nothing like
barn swallow Why did you buy that lens? - A recent social media post prompted me to write this. Back in March, I purchased a new lens, the Tamron 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3. Why? Well, I
The Drobo 8D, 128 TB of protected storage is available now. Big, fast, protected storage is here! The Drobo 8D - Creating photographs is a lot of exciting fun. Making sure all of those images are stored safely is another matter altogether. Photographers, myself included, love