The first full week of 2020 found a lot going on on Photofocus. Our birthday celebration contest series continues as do articles packed with photo know-how.

What’s your favorite lens? Julie Powell touts the 50mm macro for her work. Chris Anson gives his color love to Capture One Pro 20 and Michèle Grenier shares how to have more confidence at your next shoot. Nate Torres weighs in on the no-more-visible-likes on Instagram. The team shares Playpod’s announcement of their new ball head. Bryan Esler goes through YouTube’s new upload interface.

Here’s hoping your new year is off to fun and satisfying start. Ours certainly has!

Why my 50mm macro is my favorite lens for still life and food photography - Why is my 50mm macro is my favorite lens for still life and food photography? This is something I get asked all the time. I
Why I’m loving the new color editor in Capture One Pro 20 for my landscapes - So Capture One recently released Capture One Pro 20 (CO20) and it has a number of new features that I want to share with you
How to be more confident at your next photoshoot - Sometimes, being in charge of taking photos can be stressful. Here are my top five tips to help you be more confident at your next
A life without Instagram likes: How it will affect 2020 - So Instagram is going to be removing likes — what does that mean for your account? On July 17, 2019, Instagram tweeted saying, “We want
Platypod previews one-of-a-kind ball head - Platypod, maker of the world’s most compact mini tripods, has announced that its coming out with its first ever ball head. The Platyball is a
How to post your video with the new YouTube uploader - Recently, you may have noticed that YouTube changed its uploader. While some creatives are still seeing the old version, the new version offers a bit

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