As we unwrapped the new this week, we saw a lot of great content to get your summer photography going!

We started the week off with Erin Holmstead discussing about how her dream client quickly became a nightmare, while Michele Grenier showed us how to take a beach volleyball portrait to the next level. Julie Powell then discussed photographing neutrals and minimal palettes in still life photography, and Vanelli discussed the benefits for photographers with TSA PreCheck.

Finally, we capped the week off with a piece by Chris Anson showing how to consolidate four external drives into a Drobo 5C, and Bob Coates showing some great firework composite techniques in post-processing. We hope you had a great week!

That time my dream client quickly became my worst nightmare - I used to think that a certain local boutique was my ideal client, so the day they posted on Instagram that they were looking for a local photographer I jumped right on it. I emailed them my resume immediately and within less than four hours I had a test shoot scheduled with them. They came […]
Vision vs. reality: Artistic liberties in an action portrait - OK, you know what? I’ve kept this secret for too long. This pic does not entirely reflect the reality of the moment it was made. Here’s why I’ve decided to use some artistic liberties to realize my vision. It all began last year I did a really cool photoshoot last summer with Kévin. Kévin is […]
Photographing neutrals and minimal palettes in still life photography - Working with white on white, on white… This week we are going to look at shooting with minimal color palettes and finding one beautiful ‘white’ (or neutral) thing. Then we’ll work with shades of white — backdrops, composition, styling and of course adding some lovely light. White is so calming … like a breath of […]
Consolidating four external backup hard drives into one Drobo 5C - In this review, I’m going to share with you my experience in taking 4 external backup drives, removing them from their housings and putting them into the Drobo 5c for the purpose of backups. The Drobo 5C is a 5 bay USB 3 Raid from Drobo. I’m using it with an iMac running Mojave. Combing […]
You photographed fireworks – now what? - We all love to get out to try and capture the spectacle of fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Sometimes we do better than others. And, sometimes we’ve done better than we thought. Let’s talk about some post-processing ideas. The Chicago skyline you see above was made the same basic time as the fireworks. […]
Photographers should get TSA PreCheck - I’m writing this article while waiting at the gate for my delayed flight in Phoenix heading to Orlando. My friend Richie and I just finished photographing a wedding in Oregon, and started our connecting flight journey back to Florida. The security checkpoint line was very long in Orlando but not that bad in Eugene. As […]