This week, Ken Lee told us how to control depth of field. Then, Joy Celine Asto featured a photography project that focuses on photographing migrant farmers.

Lauri Novak debated artificial intelligence, while Levi Sim wrote about capturing details in portraits. Julie Powell discussed the benefits of back button focusing, and finally, Bryan Esler previewed the new macOS Big Sur release, telling us which photography programs work … and which still need to be updated.

Photography 101: Why do I want to control depth of field? - We’re going to discuss depth of field. But I’m going to try and keep it really simple. When I’ve given workshops and busted out charts,
Photography project shares slices of life of migrant farmers - Inspired by his encounters with people in the migrant health field, Eric Bouwens documents the daily life of migrant farmers during the apple harvest season.
artificial intelligence clouds How much artificial intelligence in photography is too much? - All of the new artificial intelligence we’re seeing in the photography world has got me thinking about how it affects what we do. How we
Portrait Tips: Details aren’t only for weddings and newborns - It often seems that wedding photographs are more full of detail pictures than they are portraits of family and friends. And for good reason: Successful
Is it time to make BBF your new BFF? - Photography is full of technical terms and buzz words, but one that really is a great one to consider is back button focus (or BBF).
macOS Big Sur is almost here; is it safe to upgrade? - With macOS Big Sur set to be released later today, we wanted to take a look at some of the most popular photo editing applications