The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we dove into an LED light solution, the wonders of Auto ISO, had some fun sledding, applying sunrays in Luminar and speeding up your Lightroom process.

Genaray SpectroLED Essential 500 provides consistent lighting perfect for stills or video - A few months ago, I was presented with an opportunity to photograph Santa and Mrs. Claus posing with families in my community. No, not the mall Santa — THE Santa Claus himself, hired by my local city’s development organization. There would be a custom backdrop built, including Christmas trees and colored lights. It was a […]
The advantage of Auto ISO - In photography, ISO is a rating of your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. A lower ISO like 50 or 100 means that the sensor will require longer shutter speeds and larger apertures to properly expose an image. A higher ISO like 1600 or 3200 will require shorter shutter speeds and/or smaller apertures to properly expose […]
How to photograph sledding (comprehensive) - Wanna have some fun this winter? Go photograph kids sledding. When your subjects are having fun, you’re sure to have fun, too. It’s a great excuse to get out and make pictures and keep your eye sharp through the winter. As much fun as it is, there are some surprising challenges you’ll need to overcome […]
Warp-speed your culling in Lightroom - We shoot digital. We shoot a lot. Often way too much. Hey, that’s the beauty of it, right? One shot or a thousand shots cost the same if your memory card is good. But is that really true? Aside from the fact that I remember my fashion editorial days, when we shot three rolls of […]
Using Sunrays in a landscape photo in Luminar 3 Using Sunrays in a landscape photo in Luminar 3 - In this video article, I’ll show you how I use the Sunrays filter to enhance a sunrise landscape photograph. In this landscape photograph, you’ll see that I shot it at sunrise with the sun at my left. In the original, the sun isn’t really visible and the sunrays are rather limited. I’ll use the Sunrays […]