The week after the annual Photo Plus everyone was asking “Where was Sony?” Kevin Ames has the answer. Next up, Scott Wyden Kivowitz talks about a wedding photographer’s fail and professionalism. Michèle Grenier takes us into the Zeiss look, then Bob Coates explains the wisdom of having a backup of your computer’s start-up drive. Julie Powell goes outside with her macro lens aimed at the colorful fall leaves. The new Skydio 2 drone is put through its paces by Chris Anson. Happy photography!

PhotoPlus New York: Where was Sony? - PhotoPlus 2019 wrapped up at the Javits Center in New York yesterday. All of the camera manufacturers — Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic — had big booths in the hall. Sony was conspicuously missing. Down 37th Street Sony, for reasons rumored to be the high cost of exhibiting at the event to a dispute […]
Wedding photography fail, or how to be a professional - There is a Facebook post from a photographer that has gone viral. With 1,300 comments and 208,000 shares, I think this post is just getting started. The post actually made international news as well. The photographer shared a photo from a wedding she photographed. In it is a guest’s hand, holding a phone, capturing his […]
Zeiss Lens Diving into the ZEISS look at PhotoPlus - A couple of days ago, I made an interview at PhotoPlus with Tony Wisniewski from ZEISS. He introduced me to their line of lenses, and I’ve learned very interesting information about their technology. Here’s what he shared with me. ZEISS has been around for 140 years, offering scientific expertise on everything optics: From microscopes to […]
Clone your master hard drive - When you clone the hard drive that contains your operating system and applications you could save yourself from some serious heartache. When your master hard drive goes down so does all of your settings, preferences, software application keys and more. To get yourself back in action if you have a current clone drive you remove […]
fall leaf in a stream Photographing fall leaves with your macro lens outdoors - In my last article, I talked about and showed you some ways to photograph macro fall leaves indoors. This time I’d like to go outside and play with the macro lens and leaves. You can’t replace the feeling of actually heading out with your camera on a crisp, blue sky fall day. Here are a […]
Skydio 2: Why this drone is important - As most of you know, DJI pretty much dominates the drone market. Forbes stated earlier this year that “DJI has soared to take two-thirds of the drone market globally.” If the Skydio 2 is really capable of what they claim, and the videos showing those capabilities look to support that, we may finally have a […]

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