The week after the annual Photo Plus everyone was asking “Where was Sony?” Kevin Ames has the answer. Next up, Scott Wyden Kivowitz talks about a wedding photographer’s fail and professionalism. Michèle Grenier takes us into the Zeiss look, then Bob Coates explains the wisdom of having a backup of your computer’s start-up drive. Julie Powell goes outside with her macro lens aimed at the colorful fall leaves. The new Skydio 2 drone is put through its paces by Chris Anson. Happy photography!

PhotoPlus New York: Where was Sony? - PhotoPlus 2019 wrapped up at the Javits Center in New York yesterday. All of the camera manufacturers — Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic —
Wedding photography fail, or how to be a professional - There is a Facebook post from a photographer that has gone viral. With 1,300 comments and 208,000 shares, I think this post is just getting
Zeiss Lens Diving into the ZEISS look at PhotoPlus - A couple of days ago, I made an interview at PhotoPlus with Tony Wisniewski from ZEISS. He introduced me to their line of lenses, and
Clone your master hard drive - When you clone the hard drive that contains your operating system and applications you could save yourself from some serious heartache. When your master hard
fall leaf in a stream Photographing fall leaves with your macro lens outdoors - In my last article, I talked about and showed you some ways to photograph macro fall leaves indoors. This time I’d like to go outside
Skydio 2: Why this drone is important - As most of you know, DJI pretty much dominates the drone market. Forbes stated earlier this year that “DJI has soared to take two-thirds of

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