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Weekly Wrap-Up: January 12-18, 2019

It was another busy, winter-filled week at Photofocus! This week, Bob Coates taught us how to expose to the right using the Histogram, while Bryan Esler looked into whether shutter

Photographer of the Day: martijnvdnat

Category: Magic Photographer: martijnvdnat Photo: “Let it Glow” The awe that magic often holds is never more present than in this photo by Martijn. With the light spooling from the

Photofocus Rewind: 2019 in review

Before we celebrate the big ball drop tonight, I wanted to take a look back at what 2019 was like for photographers. While the year as a whole showed a

Photographer of the Week: December 23-27, 2019

Every weekday, Photofocus curators share a great photograph taken by one of our readers. Every month we highlight photographs in the genres of architecture, portrait, outdoor, street and a flex

Photographer of the Day: Bernhard Garbers

Category: Magic Photographer: Bernhard Garbers Photo: “Angel of Christmas” There’s nothing truly like the magic of Christmas. Here, Bernhard shows us his take on the Angel of Christmas, highlighting a