This week, Ken Lee walked us through light painting, while Julie Powell gave some tips on how to photograph kids with special needs. Then, Joy Celine Asto reminisced about the Kodak Christmas commercials of old.

Erin Holmstead presented some tips to photograph in the snow, while Levi Sim told us how to photograph portraits with one light. Finally, Bryan Esler reviewed the Sony a7C mirrorless camera.

Light painting 101: Behind-the-scenes while illuminating an abandoned bus - Light painting is a term that is often used loosely to describe any addition of light to a night photograph. Really, though, light painting is a technique that uses a handheld light source to illuminate a scene during a long exposure. You are quite literally painting the scene with light. Night photographers have used this […]
Capturing great Christmas photos with special kids - Every parent loves capturing those quirky and sometimes hilarious Christmas photos with Santa, right? We spend eleven months of the year teaching our children “Stranger Danger,” and then practically throw them at Santa and then wonder why we don’t always get the results we expect. Expect the unexpected, right? Things aren’t so clear cut for […]
Does anyone miss Kodak’s retro Christmas commercials? - If you raised your hand and said “yes” to the question above, you’re in for a treat! As a film photographer, I still find those heartwarming Kodak Christmas ads fascinating. For one, we don’t see camera companies make these types of ads that way anymore. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse, we […]
Tips to help you take pictures in the snow - Preserving the memories of winter can be a bit tricky. Freezing temperatures and the blinding sun reflecting off the snow don’t help. Whether you have an expensive DSLR with all the bells and whistles or a simple smartphone camera, pictures outside in the snow is no walk in the park. Below I have three easy […]
Portrait Tips: One light + one collapsible backdrop = $ - Unless you have a dedicated studio, collapsible backdrops are the way to go. I’ve had dedicated studios, and even then, collapsible backdrops are usually superior to full-size-need-a-huge-stand-loads-of-space-and-always-have-wrinkles backdrops. With one light and a collapsible backdrop, you could make a comfortable living. Let me show you why collapsible backdrops are so great. I have three collapsible […]
Sony a7C a great option for on-the-go photographers - I have to be honest — when the Sony a7C came out, I wasn’t exactly blown away. It basically took the internals of the a7 III and moved them into a compact, rangefinder-style body. But after using it for a couple weeks … I’m pleasantly surprised. While the rangefinder style body took a bit of […]