This week, Andrew Ford taught us about depth of field in nature photography, while Chris Anson discussed his move from a mouse to pen tablet. Bryan Esler took a first look at Capture One Pro 20 for Lightroom Classic users, Michele Grenier told us how to get rid of the early morning look in headshots and Levi Sim walked us through the TourBox App Controller.

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Is the ‘bug’ biting your business? - There is no escaping the current media storm — it is EVERYWHERE! And while many are out panic buying toilet paper and canned goods, what is the overall impact on your photography business? I saw it in my own business fairly early. I’m no doctor or financial expert, but it appears that one is in […]
Moving from a mouse to a pen tablet - Until recently I used a mouse, keyboard and trackpad to do all of my photo editing and color grading. In a recent training session, my client was using a pen tablet and I began to explore this as another option for me. I contacted colleagues and they all said that at some point in their […]
Lightroom Classic users, is it time to consider Capture One? - As far back as I can remember, I’ve been using one program to manage and process my images — Lightroom Classic. And while I still have great memories using it, there were some things that were starting to bug me. For one, the lack of updates. While Lightroom Classic is an extremely robust program, it […]
Avoid early morning look Get rid of the early morning look in your headshots - Have you ever got portraits where your client seemed to come out of bed? Here's how to naturally get rid of the early morning look in your headshots.
TourBox Controller offers controller experience to automate common software commands - Gamers understand that there’s nothing less enjoyable than using the keyboard instead of a controller. They can appreciate the value of a controller that does specific things in games. The same should be true for those who create with their computers. Using a keyboard for shortcuts is far better than using the mouse to click […]

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