This week, Scott Wyden Kivowitz kicked things off by providing eight ways to amplify your photography website. Then, Kevin Ames reviewed the GoPro Hero8 Black, while Bryan Esler told us how to utilize stars, color labels and other metadata with Excire Foto.

Lauri Novak walked us through how to best choose our sessions for the virtual Adobe MAX conference and finally, Jemma Pollari gave us three ways to cope with distracting photography locations.

Eight ways to amplify your photography website - There are countless things you can do to a website which can amplify its effectiveness. Today I want to share eight of those methods with you, so you can bring your photography website to a new level. Compact menu One of the first things people see when they visit your website is the menu. Due […]
ction cam review: GoPro Hero8 Black GoPro Hero8 Black takes action to a new level - The GoPro Hero8 Black is the newest action cam from GoPro. I have used GoPro Hero 3s and 4s on projects, and this one is a marked improvement. It has made time-lapse movies of construction and wrapping a truck in custom graphics, as well as recorded empty streets during the early days of the pandemic. I […]
Filter by stars and color labels with Excire Foto - Excire Foto is quickly becoming my favorite new tool for organizing my photos. As someone who has multiple catalogs spread out across different programs — it’s pretty easy to see why. Excire Foto lets me add any photo to it, meaning I can search across catalogs, programs … even different hard drives. And while Excire […]
Three ways to cope with a distracting photo location - What do you do when you are stuck in a cluttered, ugly or distracting photo location for a lifestyle portrait session? Maybe it’s the only space you can photograph your bride and groom in a running-out-of-time fragment of the wedding day. Maybe you can’t change angles because you’ll lose your perfect light. Maybe it’s an […]
How to choose your Adobe MAX sessions - This will be my second year attending the Adobe MAX conference. Once again, it will be held virtually, but there are so many interesting and informative sessions that it will be nice to have access to the recordings as well as watching live. At first, it can appear to be overwhelming with all of the […]

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