The last week of summer closes out with lots of great reads on Photofocus this week.

Nature and summer go together so Jason Hahn writes on saving the butterfly, then Scott Wyden Kivowitz reviews Peak Designs first foray into making tripods, the 5 biggest mistakes made in Lightroom Classic is from Serge Ramelli. Lauri Novak explains the importance of photographic series. Erin Holmstead shares here personal feelings and what happened when her camera and a borrowed lens dropped to the floor. I finish up with a detailed step-by-step on entering the Photofocus Celebrates 21 contest series with great prizes and goodies for all who join in the fun.

On Nature: Saving the butterfly - Many times, I’ve written as a wildlife photographer you have to be a passionate observer of the natural world. That we do our best not to interfere. This is nature, we are there to document, capture moments, and tell stories. Predation will occur whether we are there or not. It’s hard to watch sometimes, but […]
peak-design-tripod An in-depth look at Peak Design’s first entry into the tripod market - A tripod with over 27,000 Kickstarter backers, raising $12,143,435. But is it a good tripod? I had the chance to spend two weeks with the Peak Design Travel Tripod and have some thoughts about it. But before we dive in, let’s go over some of the specks and what makes this tripod so special. First […]
The five biggest mistakes when editing in Lightroom Classic - (Editor’s Note: Photofocus is proud to welcome Serge Ramelli to Photofocus. Be sure to check out his free master class and bonus toolkit.) In this video, I cover the five biggest mistakes to avoid when retouching on how to avoid them: Too much Clarity, Contrast and Texture Too obvious Dodge and Burn Colors from another […]
creating a photographic series The importance of creating a photographic series - Are you drawn to photographing certain subjects? Do you ever feel like you’re running out of ideas or new ways to photographic those subjects? Where to start Start with what you have. Take a look through your archives to figure out what it is you seem to shoot the most. Is it a location? Are […]
The drop heard ’round the world, part one - Guys it happened — my Nikon D610 with a 105mm macro lens hit the ground and shattered. And then shattered my heart. UGH! I have never felt so many emotions all at once but man, it sucked. I was photographing with my biggest client, Paul Mitchell, and my nightmare happened in front of everyone. I […]
How to enter the Celebrate 21 Years of Photofocus contest - Photofocus is celebrating 21 years as a free education website for photographers where you get the gifts. Everyone who enters the contest wins a free photo toolbox. Here’s how to enter … Watch the video below. In less than two minutes learn how to enter and get extra chances to win. Or read on for […]