After a week full of Black Friday and other holiday deals, we kicked off December with some great content to enhance your photography this winter!

Michele Grenier kicked it off, showing how to get perfect exposure with the Illuminati light and color meter, while Julie Powell walked us through capturing victorian silo art. Bob Coates continued the week with a piece on how to photograph strangers. Lauri Novak kicked off the holiday season with ideas for going beyond Santa photos, and finally, Michele Grenier told us about her experiences with Facebook deleting her business pages.

It was a great start to December here at Photofocus!

How to get photos with perfect exposure 100% of the time - Are you eyeballing your exposure? Do your photos tend to be underexposed or overexposed from time to time? Are you 100% sure of your settings? I might just have the solution you need. What is exposure? Let’s get back to basics real quick. Exposure is the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor. It’s […]
Victorian silo art, part one - Australia’s farmers and rural areas have been doing it tough. Climate change is a real thing whether people wish to believe it or not. Many parts of southeast Australia (like in many other parts of the world) have been in an extensive and devastating drought, followed by ravaging bush fires and then in some areas […]
santa sign Beyond the Santa photo - They’re here whether you’re ready or not — it’s the holiday season and photos will be a big part of the next couple of months. We all love the photos with Santa be it of you, your children or your pets, but let’s take a look at some other options for preserving your holiday memories. […]
Facebook just deleted my business account … for the second time! - Yep, you read it right folks: a couple weeks ago, Facebook decided to delete my freakin’ professional photography business page. ALL. OF. IT. For the SECOND time within a year. And the worst part is, I still don’t know why! Not the only victim I did some research through the internet and found out I […]
strangers Photographing strangers - There is a tendency in most of us to have a fear of the unknown. I have never had a negative experience in asking a stranger to make his or her image. Ever. And yet, I still have trepidation to ask, fearing to intrude or inconvenience someone. Most people are happy to oblige and enjoy […]

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