The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. With our first entry into the new year, we taught you how to create a winter wonderland, how to get out of Auto, using V-flats with groups, Lightroom HDR Panoramas, a great printer for all use cases and working with creative boundaries. We hope you had a great first week of the new year!

How to create realistic snow in Photoshop - The problem with snow added in post-production is that it looks fake more often than not. That’s a shame because creating realistic snow is much easier than people would think. Listen to the Canadian girl and keep on reading to know once and for all the secret to create realistic snow in Photoshop. What’s wrong with fake […]
Portrait Tips: How to use V-flats to light a group - When you light a portrait, a good rule of thumb is that your light should be about the same size as your subject. That’s easy for a single individual where any softbox will work, but what about lighting a group of people? A light that big is hard to find. V-flats offer an easy way […]
Limit yourself to learn - We get caught up in the big picture, the gear, the “rules,” the latest and greatest apps, plug-ins and software and it can all be quite overwhelming. How do you possibly learn all this stuff? How does this particular thing help me be a better photographer? Set limits One way to become a better photographer […]
How to use Lightroom’s new Photomerge: HDR Panorama - Making panoramas is a wonderful way to photograph a scene with the best perspective. Shooting brackets for HDR is a wonderful way to get the best exposure for a scene. So why not do both? I’ve been doing both for several years, but it’s always taken a lot of thought and process on the computer […]
Epson SureColor P800 provides superb color, sharpness in a small footprint - I’ll be honest — up until November, I had never used a photo printer, let alone owned one. I always just ordered from my local lab, as the number of prints I was ordering was so low. But as friends and family wanted to get some prints, and I wanted to finally fill my walls […]
auto Five steps to get out of Auto mode - When just starting out in photography the typical person will begin their journey with the camera set to Auto. Using this mode tells the camera to choose the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, flash and focus. To be honest, the Auto mode has gotten much better over the years, and it can really lead to nice […]