The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we tackled the ins and outs of ISO, got tips on how to recover tough exposures, began to tackle Facebook ads, got some tips on photographing newborns, lit up a barn with Lume Cubes and more.

Photography 101: What is ISO? - When it comes to exposure in photography, it seems that most photographers have a reasonably good understanding of the impact of both the shutter speed and the lens aperture. But the role of the ISO setting can be a bit more mysterious. Of course, the shutter speed determines the extent to which motion in the […]
Tips to recover tough exposures - Sometimes, even the best of us have to deal with underexposed images. Here is a comparison between three popular RAW developing software plus important tips to help us in our quest to recover tough exposure! Starting point Bad location or bad lighting can leave us with tough exposures to recover. Fortunately, RAW files can be […]
Guide to Facebook Ads, part one: The basics - There’s no question Facebook is still a major player online in 2019 and its ad platform is an important tool for many marketers. As a photographer, there are a lot of reasons to use Facebook ads: Wedding photography, portrait sessions, workshops, tutorials and more. It’s a great tool to target specific groups of people and […]
Portrait Tips: A note for newborns - One of the best experiences you’ll have as a portraitist is making pictures with brand new babies. There truly is something special about working with someone so new and pure, and it’s a big responsibility to be entrusted with the opportunity. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime shoot, so be ready and take it seriously. And remember […]
Lighting up a barn with Lume Cubes - If you follow Olympus Visionary Jamie MacDonald, you might be familiar with “the barn.” Located in Eaton Rapids, MI, this barn is on private property, but Jamie has permission and regularly photographs there. A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to check out what I had only seen in pictures, in hopes that […]