We hope you are having a wonderful holiday! This week, Kevin Ames kicked things off with an interview with Catalina Bloch from MDRN Photobooth to talk about how she’s thought outside the box when it comes to printing at events. Then, Sara Kempner told us how she gets uses Instagram Saves to get inspired and help support other photographers.

Joy Celine Asto introduced us to winter wonderland scenes in Swedish Lapland, while Bryan Esler walked us through how to use the new Speed Edit feature in Capture One 21. Finally, Ken Lee told us how he captured the Christmas Star.

MDRN Photobooth Company and DNP printers MDRN Photobooth is an event success - MDRN Photobooth Company is a super-successful event photography group based in Ottawa, Canada. Using DNP printers they provide not only memories for events for attendees, but also branding for event sponsors by printing lanyards. Event lanyards The lanyards included the attendee’s photo and their schedule. Catalina Bloch, MDRN’s creative director, explained. “One of the big […]
Mobile Mondays: Getting inspired from Instagram Saves - Launched in mid 2017, Instagram Saves allows you to save other people’s posts within your account. Alternatively, people can also save your posts. You may have noticed the little bookmark icon underneath every posted image or video clip. Hitting this icon saves the post to a personal library that you can access at any time. […]
Dreaming of a winter wonderland in Swedish Lapland - I’m sure that a lot of us are missing traveling to postcard-perfect places during the holidays, especially winter locations that are fitting for the season. However, with travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 still ongoing across the globe, most of us won’t be going to any of these destination anytime soon. Still, we can still […]
Capture One’s new Speed Edit helps speed up your workflow - We’ve all been there. Our client is begging us to turn around photos in no time flat, without giving us a chance to breathe after our photoshoot. The good news is, today’s tools have made it easier to edit and deliver photos quicker than ever before. And with Capture One 21, it’s even faster, thanks […]
The Christmas Star: The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the shortest day of the year - The winter solstice brings many things. Celebrations, holidays, the longest night of the year, rebirth, and much more. On December 21, 2020, it also brought the “The Christmas Star,” what people called the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The two planets were separated by just six arc minutes, equal to about one-fifth the apparent […]

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