The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This Wrap-Up has articles about opportunity, winter architecture, exploring your self, long exposures and writing. Enjoy!

Photography Marketing: 10 client gift ideas to cap off the year - This year was the first year I’ve done client gifts for the holidays. For me, it was a chance to say “thanks” and have them remember me as they head into their holiday season, and most importantly, into the new year. Holiday gifts can be a great marketing tool, no matter what you choose to […]
Easy sensor cleaning with Visible Dust’s Arctic Butterfly 724s - Ever since I switched to mirrorless with my Sony a7R II, I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to clean my sensor. As you might know, without the mirror to protect the sensor, mirrorless cameras can collect a lot of dust spots! I’ve gone through a lot of options — blowers, sensor swabs, […]
Copyright In Focus: The Leverage & Origin s of Copyright on Photofocus Copyright In Focus: The leverage & origins of copyright - (Editor’s note: Copyright and all things related are as important to creators of images both moving and still. This guest post by intellectual property attorney, Barry Kaplan gives us all some insights into what copyright law is, where it came from and why it’s important to all of us.) You’re a photographer; a creator. If you’re […]
How to get your color spot-on with the Illuminati color/light meter - Having the ability to accurately capture an image’s color in-camera is a powerful one. How many times have you taken a photo and grown frustrated because your camera doesn’t capture it “the way you saw it?” Often we become resigned to shoot an image and fix it in post-processing later. Full disclosure: When I first […]
The joy of toy photography The joy of toy photography is fun & learning too - (Editor’s note: Dave DeBaeremaeker photographs toys. His work is amazing and, believable. In this guest post, Dave shares the experiences of why he began photographing toys, and what he learned along the way.) Humans are creative creatures.  Ever since the first finger painting on the wall of a cave, humans have endeavored to express themselves […]