Lots going on during the dog days of summer here at Photofocus.

Photoshop becomes more fun with the Logickeyboard in a Levi Sim review. Julie Powell riffs on fractal prism filters for portraits. Mykii Liu praises Lightroom Classic’s GPU upgrade — FINALLY! Lauri Novak tells us to use what’s on hand as backgrounds, then, Chris Anson shows how to add storage capacity while still accessing your data. Hope your week was fun. Stay cool as you can…

Logickeyboard provides quick shortcuts at your fingertips - It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to improve your workflow, but a new keyboard can be a
Using fractal prisms to create other worldly portraits - I recently did a post on playing with fractal prism filters for the first time, and I seriously could not wait to get my hands
Lightroom CC GPU Acceleration Adobe adds GPU acceleration to Lightroom Classic — FINALLY - It feels like more than decade since Adobe had launched Lightroom (now known as Lightroom Classic), and it feels even longer since we’ve asked for
macro seashell Using what you have on hand as backgrounds - Many times I hear people say they can’t take certain images because they don’t have the tools, equipment or gear they think they need. My
Adding hard drives to a Drobo 5D3 - Drobo sent me a 5D3 direct-attached storage (DAS) unit for me to explore and play with and I wanted to share with you what I