This week, Levi Sim told us about a great tool to help you learn keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop and Lightroom. Then, Darren Miles walked us through the benefits of tethering.

Joy Celine Asto looked at the creative architecture photography of Matthias Heiderich, while Bob Coates walked us through getting started with Olympus Live ND. Finally, Julie Powell explained exposure compensation, and how to use it.

Learn your keyboard shortcuts easily with LogicKeyboard - If you want your Photoshop and Lightroom experience to be better, you need to learn keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts allow you to activate tools and settings and perform common tasks with either a single key or a combination of keystrokes. In fact, you already use keyboard shortcuts each time you type a capital letter using the […]
Three reasons why you should consider tethering - Tethering is essentially connecting your camera to a computer or laptop for instant viewing of your images as you are taking them. There are several reasons why you would want to do this — here are three of the big ones. 1. Shorten the sales cycle Allow me to explain the scenario prior to tethering. […]
Revealing colorful geometric details in architecture - If you’re in need of a creative exercise for developing your eye for details, getting into architecture photography is one of your options. You can think of photographing architecture as hunting for art in the unlikeliest places and the most unexpected mix of things. Such is what I experience whenever I look at the works […]
Making the most of a backup plan: Olympus Live ND at Oak Creek Canyon, part one - I recently got up early to beat the crowds up to a popular hiking spot called West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon. But apparently I didn’t get up early enough — the parking lot was already lined up out to the street by the time I arrived. Lucky me! It pushed me to try a […]
Photography 101: What is exposure compensation? - In this article, I take a look at exposure compensation on digital cameras and how you can take advantage of it to make adjustments when shooting in-camera modes like aperture priority. Many of today’s digital cameras are super smart and have the built-in capability to adjust exposure settings when using various camera modes such as […]