This week, Levi Sim reviewed the WANDRD DUO Daypack, while Jeremy Gray went over use cases of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Bob Coates showed us how to use Aurora HDR to process a single image landscape, Lauri Novak discussed whether photographers truly need Photoshop or not and Giulio Sciorio talked about being a dadtographer during a global pandemic.

DUO Daypack by WANDRD provides tough, customizable storage - Historically, photography backpacks have been aimed at people going on safaris and the packs have looked like they’re built to withstand tramplings by elephants and
Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop: Which application do I use for various photo editing tasks? - For photographers who use Adobe software to manage and edit their images, there are two primary applications to use: Lightroom and Photoshop. There are two
Revisiting Aurora HDR’s single image process with a juniper landscape - Many times we have tools in our quiver that we forget to use. There’s a feature I have not leveraged with Aurora HDR — a
Not every photographer needs Photoshop - What? You can’t possibly be serious? Or at a minimum you can’t possibly be a serious photographer without Photoshop, right? Who says? Well, certainly not
Father and Son embrace Documenting fatherhood in times of crisis - Being a parent is an amazing experience but let’s be real — it’s hard. Some days you feel like a king, other days you might

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