This week, Michele Grenier kicked things off by showing how to do an at-home macro photography project, while Vanelli explained. how to fix portraits and enlarge a single eye.

Then, Jeremy Gray took us on a journey of early morning landscapes, while I showcased some of my favorite lenses for the micro four-thirds system. Finally, Lauri Novak taught us how to always be ready for that special moment, and Levi Sim showed how to maximize a macro setup.

Easy macro photography project at home Try this droplet at-home macro photography project - It's ain't always easy to stay creative while stuck at home. Here's a fun and easy macro photography project to do alone or with the whole family!
Enlarging just one eye - When retouching portraits, I often indulge in flattery. Some skin retouching, a little blemish removal, slimming the face and slightly enlarging a subject’s eyes. The
The joy of early morning photography for landscapes - Sunrise versus sunset, which is best for landscape photography? It depends. However, in general, I prefer sunrise for numerous reasons. Beautiful light Something both sunrise
The top lenses you need to consider for micro four-thirds - The micro four-thirds format gets a lot of shade thrown its way. Despite that, the format is still alive and kicking, embracing its underdog status.
Baby fox Is your camera within reach and ready to go? - Are you ready to capture whatever comes into view at any given moment? Most of us are not. Why? Our camera is tucked away safely
Close-up liberation: How to maximize your macro setup - Photography is fun. Toys are fun. Putting them together just makes sense (and it justifies your juvenile obsessions). If you try using the following ideas

Don’t forget to show us your favorite images from your time spent at home. You could win a prize from our friends at Lume Cube!