This week, Andrew Ford walked us through removing a sunburn, while I looked at the new Epson SureColor printer lineup. Lauri Novak gave a few different ways to approach landscape photography, Michele Grenier gave five tips to edit awesome sports portraits, while Scott Wyden Kivowitz showed us six ways to build a photography portfolio that attracts clients.

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Removing a sunburn - We’ve probably all been guilty of not using sunblock, but there is no reason for a sunburn to ruin the subject of your photo. If
Epson announces long-awaited refresh to SureColor printer line - Overnight, Epson announced a major refresh to its SureColor printer line, with the SureColor P700 and SureColor P900 printers. Set to replace the P600 and
Lake Tahoe landscape Different ways to approach landscape photography - There is more to landscape photography than just a sweeping epic photograph. What? You don’t agree? Although the definition of landscape is, “all the visible
Editing badass sports portraits Five tips to edit badass sports portraits - Want to bring out the most of your action shots? Here are five tips to edit badass sports portraits to realize with any software.
photography-portfolio Six ways to build a photography portfolio that attracts clients - A professional portfolio is a key to attracting new clients. As a freelance photographer, you are responsible for choosing what to include, how to present

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